Founders HIIT & Strength Club is an innovative fitness facility specializing in High Intensity Interval Training classes, using our unique Flight format.

Our classes are taught by a dynamic team of experienced coaches in a high-energy, socially interactive, and fun studio atmosphere.

The Flight format combines elements of functional movements and strength training, with a whole-body focus and highly varied exercises, in a circuit of high-intensity intervals. The flexible, highly adaptive, and varied structure of the workout  is designed to ensure individually challenging and optimal workouts for each client, regardless of fitness level.

Our schedule features diverse classes consisting of different configurations, timing, and tempos, ensuring each experience is unique and original.

Ready to take it to the next level?  Founders HIIT & Strength Club also offers Personal and Small Group Training utilizing our Accelerator Training Program.  This progressive, periodized strength and conditioning platform is a highly individualized, goal oriented program focused on developing stability, strength, cardio, and proper form and technique.

All of our programs will help each client build lean muscle, smash through progress barriers, and burn fat this supportive, inspiring, and fun environment.

It’s time to forget the monotony of yesterday’s workouts, have fun, and H.I.I.T. it!


High Intensity Interval Training; alternating: quick burst of high intensity exercise with short rest periods. All of our classes are High Intensity Interval Circuits that focus on different aspects of strength conditioning and overall fitness. HIIT style training has been proven to be one of the most efficient, effective, and physiologically beneficial form of exercise; the complete physical activity program!


All of our Programs incorporate elements of strength training. In addition to better fitness and body composition, strength training has many scientifically proven benefits. They include: higher bone density, improved sleep and mood, and an accelerated, fat-burning metabolism. We use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, bands and many other types of equipment, along with isometrics and bodyweight exercises to get you fitter, leaner and stronger.


Our HIIT classes are designed to easily be modified for clients of ALL fitness levels and special conditions. Our dynamic coaching team of educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals are adept in adapting each workout to not only meet the individual needs of each client, but progress them to the next level.


Founders HIIT and Strength Club fosters a strong community spirit and cohesiveness amongst their members and staff. All programs and classes are designed to be high energy, engaging and socially interactive. Our coaches, committed to the health and wellness of each client, elevate these connections, having a vested interest in helping each client meet and surpass their individual goals. You can count on the Founders Family to constantly motivate and support each other on this fitness journey!


FLIGHTs are our approach to high intensity interval training. Each of our core programs uses this unique, innovative 7-element circuit to focus on functional body movements and whole-body strength training. FLIGHTs include both aerobic and anaerobic exercises with a balance of strength and conditioning.



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