HIIT hard at Delmar’s Founders HIIT and Strength Club – Times Union Article

Kettlebells seem like such simple pieces of gym equipment. A rounded weight that you pick up by its triangular handle; no need to add more weights or strap anything up.

You just need to know how to use it.

Stephanie Kosnick, instructor of the kettlebell class I was to take at Founders HIIT & Strength Club, said some people and gyms don’t know how to properly utilize the weights; sometimes they only act as doorstops and not the dynamic weight she teaches her classes.

The kettlebell class is one high-intensity interval training classes offered at Founders HIIT & Strength Club, which opened in 2015 as Foundry Fitness. (The name change is recent.) While Kosnick has been working with the venue since March, her kettlebell classes only became regular fixtures on the gym’s schedule after Labor Day…

Read the full Albany Times Union Article here.

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