Metabolic Testing with Christina Valenti, RD CDN, Saturday, July 29th, 8am-11am

The Metabolism Testing used indirect calorimetry to calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR, by breathing normally into a small hand-held machine for approximately 2-3 minutes. Each appointment is about 20 minutes total for a discounted rate of $45.00, and includes a practice session, the metabolism testing, and a summary of your nutritional needs based on your individual activity/exercise schedule. The information provided at the session will serve as a tool to help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals, and is ideal for members who have difficulty changing weight and/or are using a tracking application for accountability.

Additional nutrition services, such as nutrition coaching, nutrition therapy, and/or flexible meal planning are available to Foundry members at a 10% discount. All services are provided by Christa Valentine, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Dietitian Nutritionist in NYS. Reimbursement may be available for services via Health Savings Accounts or Flex Spending Accounts.

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