Head coach, ATP specialist & Director of Programming

Jon Foley has been working in virtually every facet of the company since inception. Having a lifelong passion for physical fitness and sport, Jon has always been actively engaged in various sports including hockey, snowboarding, soccer, boxing, jiu-jitsu, long distance running, MMA, as well as many years of experience as a nationally certified lifeguard.  Jon is also very knowledgeable in proper nutrition and effective health habits. A NASM certified personal trainer and ACE certified group fitness instructor, he is adept in applying, Founders HIIT & Strength Club’s unique style of training to help our members actualize their goals and become stronger, healthier and more confident. His mission continues to be to elevate client’s personal fitness to levels that correspond to their goals, and to have each individual leave focused, energized and feeling great. In 2017, Jon was promoted to Head Coach and Program Director, also managing our ATP, Accelerator Training Program.